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MINING (Crushed stone)

In the early days of human civilization, stone was used as a tool for survival, playing a fundamental role in keeping our ancestors alive.  In ancient civilizations, such as the Incas, Mayas, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, stone represented the power and development of these people who are known for their amazing architecture and fantastic engineering. The evolution of human beings has always been connected to this mineral and its applications.   

Crushed stone is an essential product for developing small and large construction projects. This raw material is irreplaceable in human development. As in ancient times, it is currently used in all architecture and engineering projects for building homes, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, roadways, overpasses, highways, ports, airports, parks, museums, theaters, shopping malls, stadiums and other general infrastructure projects. 

For these reasons, PEDRA MINING produces construction aggregates (crushed stone, graded crushed stone base, artificial sand and asphalt) with intelligence and a respect for nature. We currently have comprehensive and modern crushing equipment facilities that ensure the quality and logistics of our products, combining preservation and respect for the environment.


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MINING – Crushed Stone

Production and Sales of Aggregates to the construction industry as a whole, for all types of projects – Crushed Stone, Graded Crushed Stone Base, Industrial Sand and Asphalt.

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Facilities and logistics for concreting at any construction site, for a variety of applications - conventional, pumped, self-compacting and special concrete.

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Infrastructure services for public and private construction projects – Earthworks and Asphalt Paving.

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Construction waste management center, with recycling and final disposal.

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Mining-Concrete-Asphalt Paving-Environmental
Av. AJ Renner, 2315/03 – Humaitá – Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil
Area of operations: Metropolitan Area
Telephone/Fax: +55 51 3375-8333

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