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With the historic evolution of stone, human beings have developed new technologies, adding value to the concept and use of the crushed stone: they created CONCRETE. Concrete opened up amazing new possibilities for human beings, transformed architecture and engineering, facilitating and perfecting engineering projects and works. In the course of this evolution, PEDRA CONCRETE has developed concreting services, with comprehensive facilities and logistics for serving clients throughout the Metropolitan Area and the Vale dos Sinos region. We provide every type of concrete for construction sites, with high standards of quality. From conventional and pumped concrete to high performance and self-compacting concrete. Our strategy is to strengthen and solidify our partnership, providing qualified human capital, engineering and cutting edge equipment for building a better future, transforming projects into a reality and linking human and social development with complete respect for the environment.

Learn about the advantages and benefits of our self-compacting concrete.


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MINING – Crushed Stone

Production and Sales of Aggregates to the construction industry as a whole, for all types of projects – Crushed Stone, Graded Crushed Stone Base, Industrial Sand and Asphalt.

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Facilities and logistics for concreting at any construction site, for a variety of applications - conventional, pumped, self-compacting and special concrete.

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Infrastructure services for public and private construction projects – Earthworks and Asphalt Paving.

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Construction waste management center, with recycling and final disposal.

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Mining-Concrete-Asphalt Paving-Environmental
Av. AJ Renner, 2315/03 – Humaitá – Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil
Area of operations: Metropolitan Area
Telephone/Fax: +55 51 3375-8333

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